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Delivering unprecedented freshness and quality. A game-changing way of producing and delivering to market - setting the benchmark for industry. 

Through the use of the latest industry technology in horticulture production, our products are delivered to our customers through the East Coast of Australia, daily and under 24 hours from harvest.  It doesn't get any fresher.


Our capacity to semi-control our growing climate, mitigate risks which impact on quality and consistency. Allows use to bring to market the freshest, cleanest and greenest produce range, year round. 

Our leafy greens and herbs are produced with minimal intervention, zero agricultural run off and we allow our plants tpo grow at their own pace and just simply protect them when they need to be covered from rain, hail, harmful wind and extreme temperatures which impact their quality. 

As a result our state of the art infrastructure utilses the best mother nature has to offer and delivers to our customers a hearty, high quality and absolutely fresh product. 

We implement minimal resource consumption, using less land, water and intervention to grow more, with less. All this, without taking from or affecting the environment in our path, zero agricultural run off and utmost environmental sustainability.



We monitor full production and processing as it takes place completely on our farm, allowing us to reduce time in the value chain giving you access to the freshest highest quality product and we retain full control of the product from seedling to a finished consumption ready product.


Within 36 hours of harvest our produce hits the shelves in a variety of forms, providing you choice and convenience. Our produce undergoes stringent quality control by in house Quality Assurance Officer and we are regulated by food health and safety standards.

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